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This range of books covers two subjects

- Shared Ministry
- Small Christian Communities

Several of them are not easily obtainable through bookshops in England

Other Publications available from New Way of Being Church

Total Ministry - Reclaiming the Ministry of ALL God's People
by Stewart C. Zabriske. Published by Alban Institute.
£10.50 plus £1.00 p&p

Bishop Zabriske describes the theory and practice of Total (otherwise known as Local Shared) Ministry in the Diocese of Nevada between 1986 and 1995).
Book 2 cover
I Have Called You Friends
by Kevin L Thew Forrester. Published by Church Publishing Inc.
£10.50 plus £1.00 p&p

Written in 2003, this book develops the concept of Local Shared Ministry and describes the practice in the Diocese of Northern Michigan
I Have Called You Friends
Small Christian Communities Today
edited by Joseph Healey & Jeanne Hinton. Published by Orbis Books.
£12.50 plus £1.00 p&p

This book offers an account of the development of Small Christian Communities inside and outside the life of the Christian church across all five continents up to 2004.
Book 4 cover
Church at the Edge
edited by Jeanne Hinton Published by Kevin Mayhew.
£8.50 plus £1.00 p&p.

Jeanne Hinton enables five small Christian Communities to tell the stories of their evolution over several years and then to reflect on each other’s experiences.
Church at the Edge
Local Ministry
edited by Robin Greenwood & Caroline Pascoe. Published by SPCK.
£11.50 plus £1.00 p&p.

Published in 2006, this book brings the Local Shared Ministry concept from USA and New Zealand to the United Kingdom describing its application and development in Wales and Scotland.
Local Ministry
Changing Communities - Church from the Grassroots
by Jeanne Hinton & Peter B Price. Published by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland ISBN 0-85169-284-2
£7.50 plus £1.00 p&p

The founders of New Way of Being Church spell out the principles which underlie its concept of ‘being church’ rather than ‘doing church’.
Changing Communities - Church from the Grassroots
Changing Churches - Building Bridges in Local Mission
by Jeanne Hinton. Published by Churches Together in Britain & Ireland.
£7.50 plus £1.00 p&p

An opportunity to meet some of the churches which took part in the ‘Building Bridges of Hope’ initiative and for other local churches to be encouraged by their experience.
cover picture
Going to Church in the First Century
by Robert Banks. Published by SeedSowers
£6.00 plus £1.00 p&p

A fictional account of a gathering of the Christian community at the house of Aquila & Prisca in first century Rome as seen through the eyes of an invited guest, a Roman soldier.
Going to Church in the First Century

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